Our history

We are in the market since 2007. We have 10 years of experience of taking your things. We are always proud of serving you with our best. Started from local moving,now we have taken to higher level. Moving from state to state was once difficult but it is easy now. We are what we are because of your trust on us. Our workers have worked hard to get a renowned position in the market.


What We Do

We are a moving company that takes your burden of moving or storing things from place to place. We provide packing service to unpacking service. We come to your house with just one call.Observe your things and helps you with your work. You can choose any of our service that suits you comfortably. We provide a free estimate for your moving. Moreover, our person will go along with your things to make sure your things are safe. We provide quality work.


Who We Are

We are MMV moving and Storage Company that helps you in making your move easy. Some of our highlighted features are:

  • We are reliable, dependable and easy going
  • We are licensed and have been working in field since 1980
  • Our workers are trained for both residential or office move
  • We provide flexible service that suits you.
  • We take your packing personally.
  • We do not leave you until you are fully satisfied.
  • Along with packing, we are available for unpacking your things to save your time.
  • Our customers are happy.
  • We are fully equipped.