Something More about MMV Residential Services

We help you move all sort of furniture. We assured you that you would receive your furniture in the same condition as you hand it to us. Trust us completely.

  • Home and Floor
  • Upholstered Furniture like sink etc., we wrap it up properly to avoid any scratch
  • We cover your wooden furniture with thick blankets and sheets to prevent it from damage

We invite you to plan your moving with us. Your wish list will help us make our performance better and up to your level. For our local users, we provide free delivery for order of $100. From Packing to unpacking, your moving is our responsibility. We will discuss all the situations with you before doing so that you can stay calm and relax. Stay easy and enjoy our service. We are to make your move easy. Feel free to ask any query regarding our service or any other thing.

Dealing with the Big Stuff

When it comes to moving heavy and big stuff, you are in great stress. Well, no more stressing. Give us a call and we are ready to take your burden on our shoulders. We are expert in handling big furniture and machinery, moving it from highest floor to lowest floor. Your furniture is secure with us. Give a chance to our team to show you our skills.

Call Now! On one call, our team will be at your service.